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Leading With Innovation

Teqmint Innovations is a leading IT solutions provider. We are the official sales partner of Nepal for Gravitas based in the London, UK which is a visionary and a reliable partner serving world-class brands who provide Enterprise-grade AI solutions. We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions.We focus on improving employee productivity and enhancing customer experience. Our team is a mix of accomplished technology and management experts supported by experienced senior executives. We work with businesses of various sizes and have experience of working in multiple sectors. Our key strength is our problem solving skills, which is reflected in our world class products and services. We strive for continuous innovation and have developed rapidly evolving and ready to market efficient, low maintenance, highly intelligent solutions with high degree of customization.intelligent solutions with high degree of customization. We focus on growing customer expectations with market-shaping AI, Blockchain, SAP solutions along with web and App development for Enterprise and SME customers along with Self- optimizing systems.
our strategy

Innovate, Automate, Grow

We provide solutions which are usually much more data-intensive and detailed, the models typically are trained on some part of the data set, and the models get better—that is, their ability to use new data to make predictions or put things into categories improves over time. The main strategy that we follow include:
  • Customer strategy.
  • Business requiremnt
  • Our services
about team

The workforce for the new generation

We have a strong cross-functional team that tackles your business challenges. We focus on effective use of data to grow business rapidly, creating a critical differentator and discover opportunities to support your business development efforts.

Our Team

Leadership & Management

A group of talented individuals creating assessments to predict optimum performance

Ravi Agrawal

Ravi Agrawal

Managing Director
Sudeksha Singh

Sudeksha Singh

Chief Operations Officer
Navaraj Banstola

Navaraj Banstola

Electronics Engineer
Dilip Koirala

Dilip Koirala

Sales and Marketing Manager
Satyam Paudel

Satyam Paudel

AI Engineer
Sugan Gopal Nyachhyon

Sugan Gopal Nyachhyon

Digital Marketing