BigData & Analytics

Big data contains a greater variety of data arriving in increasing volumes and with ever-higher velocity. This is known as the three Vs. In today’s world, all organizations generate a huge volume of data, which can deliver great insights into customer behaviors. We have experience in dealing with large amounts of data, setting up the infrastructure to manage big data, and also extract meaningful information from your enterprise data sets consisting of structured, unstructured, semi-structured data. We also have vast experience in dealing with traditional data warehouses Our big data and analytics offering papertyper :
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Integration
  • Big Data Computing & Management
  • Data Mining and visulization

Our Offerings

We combine the power of leading platforms with our intelligence, innovation and industry capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation. Teqmint provides Real time integration, business reporting and data recovery.

Customer Churn Analysis

Customer segmentation

Fraud detection


Patent Products

Pattern recognition helps the customers to find patterns in the purchases, usage or complaint behavior.It helps predict the likelihood of an account to become inactive/ dormant, loan payment status.

Our system will leverage data insights, predictive modeling to improve customer attribution. Teqmint ensures that there is no imbalance in the data and prediction model development is as per the requirements.

This will help the clients predict possible needs and issues, define strategies and solutions against them to meet customer's expectations and retain their business.


AI memory helps grouping customers based on their past actions to develop customized promotions and communications for each segment.

On the basis of your requirement, be it need-based or value-based we will provide a logical, testable, and useful segmentation.

We help process large datasets with variables and find hidden correlations between user behavior and the likelihood of fraudelent actions. Uncovering customers who are engaged in fraudulent behavior thus protecting enterprise information, assets, accounts, and transactions through the real-time or batch analysis of activities by users and other defined entities.

  • Automatic detection of fraud scrnarios
  • Reduced verifications
  • Real time processing


You business requires scoping to understand your business requirements. It helps mitigates risks to gain increased value from the vendors through out the deal life cycle. We help you with a smooth flow of product or service in the market.

Innovative, novel and Improvised products curated specially for your needs.

what we offer

Example Industries


Data Analytics Applications in the Hospitality Industry. Attracting new customers and encouraging them to return are constant challenges in the hospitality industry. Customer analytics solutions can be very effective here, identifying problem areas and improving marketing efforts.

Financial Services

Big data is being utilized in an increasing number of applications, such as: Employee monitoring and surveillance. Predictive models, such as those that may be used by insurance underwriters to set premiums and loan officers to make lending decisions.

Real Estate

Data allows us and our competitors to try to fine-tune our strategies as to where we want to build and what types of products we want to build and what sort of amenities and features we’re going to need to put into those new buildings.