Blockchain regulates businesses within its shared database that is synchronized to avoid decentralization and enacts self-regulation. It defines the rules, risks and responsibilities of each party to streamline complex operational processes thus reducing the overall cost of operation. We provide a highly secure environment so that sensitive commercial information is secure.

Our blockchain solutions deliver security, transparency and ease of information access to your teams and customers. With an easy to use front end, your users will never struggle to use the system effectively. Our blockchain offerings are:


Our Offerings

We combine the power of leading platforms with our intelligence, innovation, and industry capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.

Let’s remove friction, build strong roots and unlock new values across the business with Teqmint Innovations.

Vendor Management

Smart Document Library


Managing contracts,purchase orders and invoice is a big overhead. it is even more difficult to track the status and the lead time for each stage is equally demotivating.

The vendor management assistant helps raise contracts, facilitates signature ,raise po's and pay invoices. It breaks the barriers of communication between organizations and makes status check a minute's job. 

  • Easy vendor onboarding
  • Proper compartmentalization of the vendor list 
  • Analysis of vendor performance
  • Purchase requisitions and order
  • Invoice tasks
  • Scalable
  • User friendly
  • Security and compliance management

“Hassles directory for all the documents and books”

Could this come to use for your organization?

We offer a private and cloud-based library as a secure place for you to store files and documents for easy access by the in-house staff and customers. An end to end solution for online documentation with the most secure system. This system is easily scalable for small, midsize and large enterprises with unlimited users. Evolove from the simple file storage engine to a sophisticated workflow and data classification system.

Features provided by Teqmint system:

  • Compliance/ Security
  • Premise/Cloud/Hybrid deployment
  • Document retrieval and Storage
  • eSignature
  • OCR
  • Workflow automation
  • 3rd part integrations
  • Strong document import and data field capabilities

While telemedicine infrastructure is primarily being used for remote consultation, it can also be used for Continuous Medical Education, Virtual patient visits, Live/ remote monitoring of patients, maintaining Electronic Health Records. Our web-enabled Telemedicine application, enables doctors, nursing homes, and hospitals to reach out to patients in inaccessible areas and provide interactive healthcare using modern technology and telecommunications. The software collects the patient’s data and converts it into a secure and confidential Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This data is then transferred to the Specialty Center where the authorized specialist studies it. Based on the investigation, the specialist offers his /her opinion which is transmitted back to the grass root (peripheral) where the doctor is able to treat the patient accurately and without any further delay.

Our telemedicine system you can:

  • Capture the patient medical information such as patient medical history, diagnosis, treatment plan, surgeries have undergone, investigations, etc. in an EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • Schedule a Telemedicine appointment with the specialist
  • Transfer medical records
  • Confirm Telemedicine appointments
  • Download EMR sent from Consulting Center
  • View diagnostic data like X-rays, CT/MRI Scans, Ultrasound images, etc.
  • Send live comments of a doctor to the patient.
  • His will greatly help reduce the relocation of medical specialists to patients. It will prove to be cost-effective and efficient thus providing quality treatment and enhancing the diagnostic and therapeutic quality of care
what we offer

Example Industries


Blockchain offers enormous potential in terms of reducing third-party involvement, enhancing security, improving the speed and ease of transactions, and allowing important information to be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Financial Services

Blockchain can streamline banking and lending services, reducing counterparty risk, and decreasing issuance and settlement times. It allows: Authenticated documentation and KYC/AML data, reducing operational risks and enabling real-time verification of financial documents.

Real Estate

Blockchain offers a new means for buyers and sellers to connect with one another. Blockchain could be used to cut intermediaries out of the real estate transaction process, thereby reducing costs.