Digital Signage Solutions

Creating disruptive innovation to develop world-class digital LED signage solutions that can add tremendous value to businesses that adopt them. We offer the most advanced digital signage solutions in Nepal at enable businesses to drive their corporate communications to a much larger audience both indoors as well as outdoors and across all geographical locations.

The LED display solutions we offer, are designed for indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor settings that essentially covers all the major locations of LED display panel systems. The material used to manufacture Ösel are robust and durable even in the most challenging environments.


Features of our system.

Our Offerings

Our dynamic,stunning, and cutting-edge LED display solutions are meant for those applications where image quality really matters. Catch the eye of your visitors with deeper colors and higher brightness with our easy-to-install, long-lasting indoor LED displays.

Indoor LED DIsplay

Outdoor LED Display

Ösel’s next-gen indoor LED display are perfect for a wide range of applications like retail, advertising, museums, weddings, events, airports, schools, restaurants, etc. You can even use them in storefront windows without the fear of washout. These low-cost, high-resolution indoor LED display screens come in a variety of sizes and are fully customizable. An Ösel indoor LED screen promises high picture quality and durability.
Categorization on the basis of Pixels Pitch:

  • P2.5 Indoor LED Display

  • P3 Indoor LED display

  • P4 Indoor LED display

  • P5 Indoor LED display

  • P5.68 Indoor Dancing floor LED display

Categorization on the basis of Placement:

  • LED Video wall Display

  • Portable Digital Poster

  • Skylight Transparent LED Display

Designed to survive in the harshest environments, Ösel’s rugged outdoor LED display are industry-renowned for their unbeatable reliability. These large format outdoor LED screens offer a deep contrast to make the images sharper and the colors pop. A remarkably high brightness level ensures pixel-perfect pictures at all times – even in direct sunlight – throughout the lifecycle of the product. Ösel gives you the flexibility of custom screen sizes, along with front and rear service options, with its certified waterproof outdoor LED display screen solutions. All products undergo strict quality control and tests to ensure complete safety from not only water and dust, but also temperature variations and UV rays.

Categorization on the basis od Pixels Pitch:

  • P5 Outdoor LED Display

  • P6 Outdoor LED display

  • P8 Outdoor LED display

  • P10 Outdoor LED display

  • P16 Outdoor LED display

Categorization on the basis of Placement:

  • LED Video wall Display

  • CARRYÖ |Portable Digital Poster


what we offer

Example Industries


Digital signage delivers an extraordinary first impression that can change guest perceptions. Digital self-service kiosks have enhanced the guest experience across the hospitality industry.It can be used asa wayfinder, menu boards.

Financial Services

The banking and financial sector is increasingly using digital signage solutions to enhance in-branch customer experience. Financial institutions understand the retail side of their businesses can benefit from the same digital signage technologies as many other types of brick-and-mortar locations.These can be integrated at ATM's and banks for a better customer experience.

Real State

In a real estate business, digital signage provides flexible showcasing of properties. It is easily customizable and provides different content for different audiences.Automated digital advertising process also increases the overall efficency in terms of marketing too.